6/24/05, last improv of the evening

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Jun 262005

Scott, Alicia and Bill again.

Recording notes: two mikes for room sound on the percussion and vox, keys on a separate track for easier mix-down.

UnRhapsody in Minus 7

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Jun 192005

Low Quality mp3
High Quality mp3

Drums: Scott Wurtz
Vocals and Percussion: Alicia Jones
Piano: Bill Broomall

The higher quality mp3 (256k bitrate) is about 4Mb in size, the lower quality (128k bitrate) about 2Mb.

Scott sets up a sweet 7/8 environment for us to play in.

Recording notes: Single mike for drums and vox, mixed with keys at the board. Unfortunately it all went to a single track in MuSe, so the piano’s too hot in the mix, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Next time, I’ll try putting the keys on the left and mike on the right. Getting a good room mix with a couple of mics would be even better, perhaps.

Hello world!

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Jun 192005

Welcome to the botunes tune blog. This is an experiment in blogging music–keeping a diary of musical ideas and improvisations. The site is heavily under construction, so there will likely be some changes around here if this experiment keeps my attention.

For example, I’ve only glanced at the links to other blogs, and I’m just leaving them here for the moment because the two I looked at were interesting enough to merit another visit.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to have some tunes posted soon…

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